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From expert breeders to pet owners who embrace a holistic philosophy that extends to their pets, pet parents who feed Holistic Select® pet foods have the power to positively impact their pet's health not just today but for the long term too; and now, they share their outstanding results.

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"I first adopted Irish (red age 6) when she was about 12 weeks old. She was a sickly little thing and every food that was recommended to us by the vet were making her sick. The vet was even resorting to a total hamburger and rice diet. I found Holistic Select while online searching for a solution. I then contacted the company and was so happy with the kind and knowledge filled people that I spoke with that I went out first chance and purchased the Chicken and Rice dry food. Irish has been on this food since she was 5mths old and she thrives on it. She stopped getting sick pretty much immediately and started to be a much happier and healthier dog. We put Jersey (brown age 3) on the food as well and they both love it so much. We love your food, keep up the good work!"

— Angela M., Dartmouth NS

"Cody was rescued last year from an animal hoarder weighing only 23 lbs. His foster mommy fed him Holistic Chicken Meal and Rice Dry food to put weight on him and gave me a large bag of the food when I took him home 9 months ago. Since she owned a feed store I suspected that this was high quality food (it is!) and continue to feed it to him to this day. Thank you Holistic Select!"

— Joann S., Staten Island NY

"In choosing a pet, we wanted a dog that fit our lifestyle. Leo is perfect! When we were asking other Dane owners what they feed their pets, they ALL said Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Adult Health Chicken Meal & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food, as did our Vet. We always get wonderful comments on how shiny his fur is, and Leo hasn't had any digestive problems since the first day we brought him home. Our Vet agrees with us - it's the quality food we feed him! Thank you Holistic Select!"

— Alison B., Portland OR

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