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At Holistic Select, we have been very busy lately and wanted to share some exciting news with you!

One thing we have always heard is that Holistic Select® “feeds well.” We know that our dry dog and dry cat recipes feed so well because of the unique digestive health support, which actually supports your pet's nutrient absorption & utilization. But then we realized that, if everybody else doesn't know too, then we could be easily confused with other premium natural pet foods! So, we decided to make some updates.

The more we talked about the link between digestive health and total body health, the more enthused we became! To learn more about our research and the benefits for your pet, please see below.

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New Look

While Holistic Select has been a leader in digestive health for pets for over a decade, new research and collaboration with holistic vets has helped us to confirm the link between your pet's total body health and his or her digestive health.

So, we have updated our packaging to offer more informative benefits, including more clear definition of how head to tail health starts in the middle.

As you can see, you will easily recognize your favorite recipe. We are just focusing more on the Holistic Select difference, the Unique Digestive Health Support System, rather than broadly featuring Select Active ingredients on the bag - because without good digestion, all those other great ingredients may as well be fillers!

New Ingredient Enhancements

With this new look and continued commitment to your pet's total body health through digestive health, we took the opportunity to add some exciting new ingredients, which you will likely recognize and can appreciate for their commonly recognized digestive benefits.

In addition to the current natural and active ingredients, every Holistic Select® dry dog and dry cat food recipe now also includes:

  • Fibre-rich fruits & veggies like Papaya and Pumpkin

  • Antioxidant-rich Pomegranate

  • Botanicals, including Ground Cinnamon, Fennel & Peppermint

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